The purpose of the application often times determines how the cameras of a CCTV system will be installed, mounted, and housed. There are three basic options available for installing/housing the cameras of a CCTV system:

  1. Traditional: This installation is the one that was most common in the past. The cameras required a mounting bracket and should be in some kind of protective cover if installed outside.
  2. Dome: This installation has gained popularity because of its resistance to vandalism and its protection from varying weather conditions when mounted outside. Additionally, the domes are often tinted and make it difficult for someone unfamiliar with the system to know which direction the cameras are facing.
  3. Covert: This installation has the cameras in housings that look like other devices, so the cameras are disguised. Examples are signs, clocks, and smoke and alarm detectors. Also, some of these devices actually function like what they look like. An example would be a camera within a functioning clock.

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